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  7. It took kissing A LOT of frogs for me to find my prince, but alas I’ve found the one…and he possesses the three most important *starred* traits I’ve sought in a man, the most important one to me being honesty. I’ve encountered so many liars and “players” along my single-mother-dating-journey that have led to such disappointment and that ever-dreadful feeling of having wasted time away from my son… But now having a man beside me that isn’t afraid to be upfront and honest is not only a breath of fresh air but allows such security in our relationship. I’m a lucky girl.
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  11. Maeve April 20, 2011 at 9:46 am
  12. I like Sassy Single Mom’s comment. I’ve been there too, in a relationship with someone who says they love me but sometimes seems to have little sense of who I actually am, or what makes me me.
  14. My most important non-negotiable is kindness. It’s more than being nice to people. It’s being charitable in interpreting their behaviour, resisting the cynical or mean-spirited view. It’s putting the happiness and well-being of others first, not sometimes, but often.

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