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  1. Repository structure changes:
  2. Following the related Arch migration, our repository structure has changed accordingly. The [gremlins] repository has split into [system-gremlins] and [world-gremlins]; likewise, the [goblins] repository has split into [system-goblins] and [world-goblins]. The [galaxy] repository has been merged into [world].
  3. How are end users affected? Those who don't use testing ([-gremlins]) and staging ([-goblins]) repositories won't see any difference; those who do, will have to enable [system-gremlins] and [world-gremlins] manually.
  5. The Universe repository:
  6. All packages from this repository have been moved to the replaced galaxy repository. As a result, those who have the universe repository enabled i pacman.conf should remove it and add galaxy..
  7. Another change is that the -bin packages have been removed, as these can be built locally. Also, librewolf had to be dropped due to critical build issues that occur since the last two versions.
  9. The omniverse repo will remain as it was and is, though some of its packages will be moved to the galaxy and world repositories.