From Capacious Capybara, 2 Months ago, written in Plain Text.
  10. This is why so many ladies find a really nice boyfriend and then leave him and feel horribly about it. It is not her fault. It is not his fault. It is society's fault for fooling the guy into thinking that doing "wuss" behavior was the right thing to do (it is only right if you feel it is right). In the short term it may garner a smile, a kiss, a hug, or more, but do things like this make her feel secure in the long run? Do things like this make her feel secure that the children you gave her will be able to grow up and be strong and raise families of their own? No...these things have nothing to do with each other in my opinion.
  12. Think about when you were just a child...hopefully it is a good of complete security....Modern relationships do not give this feeling for most couples, hence the above 50% divorce rate, and it is the duty of the man to fix this..I honestly believe this. I don't mean for him to be an abusive jerk..but to impress upon the women in his life that he is a strong man who can both protect them and give them children, and raise those kids, who will also be strong and make a impact, no matter how small, on this rock we call Earth.